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The Mexican

The Mexican (2001)
The film tells the story of a petty loser gangster - Jerry Welbach. Once Jerry receives two ultimatums in one day. The leader of the gangster gang demands from his accomplice Jerry that he urgently find in Mexico a priceless antique pistol, nicknamed "Mexican", or immediately return all debts. Samantha, Jerry's girlfriend, also puts the question bluntly: either she or the gang. As a result, Jerry chooses the lesser of two evils and goes to Mexico for a pistol.
Arriving on his assignment, Jerry meets an incredibly beautiful legend about the famous pistol, which is called "Mexican". They say that he was created by a folk apprentice from Mexico for the son of a nobleman in the hope that he would marry his daughter. The nobleman dishonestly treated the master and as a result the pistol becomes cursed. Well, and the main character begins to pursue troubles. Events in Mexico are not going as planned by Jerry. Absolutely not. In a short time, an old pistol, a corpse, a car and a dog appear in his hands. Trying to find a way out of this situation, Jerry now and then gets from one trouble to another, with each action only aggravating his unenviable position. And soon it turns out that not only he wants to get the Mexican, but also two professional killers ... One of whom has already taken his beloved girlfriend Samantha hostage.
Surprisingly, the hot-tempered and hysterical Samantha finds a person who knows how to listen in her kidnapper. She even ceases to be upset about the restriction of freedom and pours out her soul to the sentimental killer with might and main. Further development of events turns into a farce, balancing on the verge of complete absurdity and ideality.