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The Mauritanian

The Mauritanian (2021)
The young man does not understand for what reasons he ended up behind bars. Then they did not believe him, they took him into custody, and now, tired of torture, he waits while a fearless lawyer unravels the world conspiracy. The latter's threads lead to government officials, but how can they be accused of a crime? Hope for justice is melting every day, the military prosecutor brings new charges, finds evidence of his involvement in terrible crimes.
He - Mohamedou Ould Slahi - accused of recruiting people who later sent planes to the twin towers. Is he really guilty of a terrible terrorist attack, but it was he who was not given the right to justify himself and present evidence of his own innocence. Six years later, he was given the right to hire lawyers, but will they cope with the government flywheel that sweeps away everything in its path.