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The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid (1989)
You are presented with one of the classic cartoons created by the legendary Walt Disney studio. The cartoon events unfold in an amazing underwater world, where many amazing creatures live. In particular, ordinary people do not even realize that there are also mermaids living there for many years - half people, half fish. In the center of the plot is one of such mermaids named Ariel. She lives with her kind and enjoys the delights of underwater life. Most likely, this would have continued if only once, by accident, she had not noticed one huge ship on the surface of the water, on which a stormy celebration took place.
And soon after this, a young man falls overboard this ship, whom the little mermaid eventually saves. She fell in love with this man at first sight. However, Ariel was well aware that while she remains a mermaid, they are not destined to be together. However, she is ready to use any methods in order to learn how to live on land. To do this, she takes a special potion that bestows her legs. Thus she finds herself on land, in a completely unfamiliar world of people. Will she be able to eventually find happiness?