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The Lion King (2019)

The Lion King (2019)
Released: 2019.
Director: Jon Favreau.
The film version of the old, good and exciting story about the extraordinary inhabitants of the African savannah returns to the screens again.
The king of the jungle, a wise and fair ruler who enjoys the well-deserved respect and love of his subjects, the lion of Mufasa celebrates a joyful event - the birth of the long-awaited heir to Simba. The father adores his first-born and is ready to provide him with safety, comfort and reliable protection against enemies, not realizing that this restless, spoiled and gullible baby is destined to cause his death, and then go the hard way, be an unhappy outcast and fight for his recognition.
Mufasa’s brother, the insidious Scar, is rubbed into confidence in the lion cub, makes him bring his dad to a steep cliff and, using the start of the buffalo hunt, drops him down. Burning with grief and shame, the baby escapes deep into the rainforests, where he meets the meerkat Timon and the wild boar Pumbaa. Thanks to this funny couple, the little predator, having survived many amazing adventures, was able to explore the world and gain life experience in order to take revenge on his uncle, the impudent and cruel invader, who usurped power and took his rightful place.