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The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan (2016)
At the turn of the century, Belgium was far behind its neighbors, having decided to significantly strengthen the country's economic power. King Leopold laid his eyes on the immense African continent, where the rest of the European powers gained their wealth, in particular Great Britain. The monarch equips the expedition led by Captain Leon Rom, so that he would scout for information about the potentially promising lands of Africa.
The traveler stays in the territory of the Congo, where he meets with the local leader of the Mbongo tribe. The leader of the natives is ready to fill a foreigner with a mountain of gold and diamonds, if he brings Tarzan to him. The officer understands that for such money he is able to hire a huge army and enslave the remaining free African people. Rom writes a fictitious letter on behalf of the king to the named man in London, where he lives with his wife Jane Porter.
Lord Greystoke, better known as John Clayton III, no longer wants to return to where he grew up, but he is convinced by a visiting American, George Washington Williams. The three of them arrive in Congo, where the captain abducts Tarzan's wife. Once again, being among the impenetrable jungle, the guy draws close to nature in order to return his beloved person and punish the offender.