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The Kissing Booth 2

The Kissing Booth 2 (2020)
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Released: 2020.
Director: Vince Marcello.
The plot of the movie takes place after the events of the first episode, the main characters - Ellie Evans and Noah Flynn, spend the summer holidays together. They enjoy each other, swear eternal love and devotion. But their relationship is under threat - her lover goes to college and leaves for another city. Now they have to maintain a relationship at a distance. The girl is worried that love at a distance will not lead to anything good. Surely in the college where Noah is studying, there are many beautiful girls, they will definitely show signs of attention and sympathy for her boyfriend, perhaps before which he will not be able to resist.
Elle was flooded with memories of meeting Noah, their walks in the park, tomfoolery, and the first kiss in the kissing booth that Elle had organized for anonymous kisses. In the life of the main character, a new acquaintance appears who is interested in her. Noah's brother - Lee, also hopes to get the location of the young beauty. Elle is overcome by conflicting feelings, she does not want to deceive Noah, but her new friend also becomes not indifferent to her. The girl is faced with a difficult choice: to remain faithful to her lover, whose loyalty she doubts, or to give vent to feelings and find a new love?