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The Flash: Season 7

All's Wells That Ends Wells

The Flash: Season 7 (2021)
Iris disappeared into streams of light in the final minutes of the final episode of season six. Eva McCulloch officially "resurrected", killed her husband and successfully blamed the other person. Now the Flash team will have to pull Kamilla out of the looking glass, find the real Singh, learn how to save Iris and continue to confront Eve, who is stronger than ever.
In the first episodes of season 7, viewers will find out where Iris ended up. The predictions for the heroine are disappointing - Through the looking glass so easily does not let go of those who have fallen into its trap. Perhaps he and Barry will have to live in different dimensions. Flash must gather his strength to find a way to stop the Mirror Master. Helping him, as before, will be Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Nash Wells and Ralph Dibny, who will be joined by Joe West, Cecile Horton, Allegra Garcia and the genius botanist techie Chester P. Runk. But when the Flash manages to defeat the Mirror Master, he will create an even greater threat that risks destroying Central City and splitting his team, perhaps ruining the marriage to Iris.

The Speed of Thought


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