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The Family Man

The Family Man (2000)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy.
Released: 2000.
Director: Brett Ratner.
Once upon a time 13 years ago, Jack Campbell made a fateful decision in his life that determined his whole future life. Despite the persuasion of his girlfriend Kate, he did not stay with her then, but went on an internship to London, which led to the fact that after so many years the man became the general president of a large financial company. From a romantic and a connoisseur of tradition, Jack has turned into a real business leader. Even on Christmas Eve, he does not allow his employees to stay with his family for the holidays, and on the eve of signing a major contract makes him all go to work.
On the way home he meets a strange African-American who invites him to make a choice if he would like to change his life, and instead of a successful bachelor businessman, become an ordinary family man. However, Jack, who took the conversation as an ordinary joke, woke up in the morning falls into a real stupor. Instead of his luxurious room, he is in an ordinary small country house, he has a wife, Kate, the girl with whom he broke up many years ago, and even two children. At first, taking everything as a joke and a hoax, he goes to his work, but no one recognizes him in the office, and one of his former employees occupies his position. Returning home, he learns that he works in a supermarket, and instead of a luxurious Ferrari drives a minivan. Jack decides to regain his former life and finds a strange African American, begging him to do everything as before. However, he explains that until the end of the holidays he will live in a new family, and then he must decide where he wants to stay. Determined to become a rich man again, he gradually notices that he begins to like the life of a family man.