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The Doorman

The Doorman (2020)
Released: 2020.
Director: Ryuhei Kitamura.
Work in the service sector is considered to be shameful and unacceptable for people of high social status. However, honest work has not made anyone a scum, while criminal activity forces criminals to make a deal with their conscience. It would seem that there is nothing shameful in standing near the front door of an elite hotel and opening it in front of rich guests. However, those wishing to take the Swiss position did not line up in a serpentine line. Lacking powerful competition, young athletic Ali was able to easily get a job in a prestigious hotel complex, receiving white gloves and an exquisite lackey's livery with bright braids.
Surprisingly, the pretty young lady had a difficult past associated with dramatic military service. It turns out that the sexy lady with short hair has been a special task force soldier for many years. She was trained to kill any enemies in cold blood, break the limbs of terrorists without hesitation, and defend herself in close combat. A martial artist, a skilled killer and just a beautiful woman - an explosive mixture, and soon a burning temperament will break out. The gatekeeper was working at the chosen post, and suddenly she became aware of the impending attack. A gang of cunning robbers intended to infiltrate the building to steal priceless works of art.