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The Dark and the Wicked

The Dark and the Wicked (2020)
Michael and Louise's parents have lived their entire lives on a farm in the countryside. One day a message comes that the father, after a serious illness, is dying. They quickly get ready for the road. When we arrived at the parental home, they were immediately struck by the depressed state of the mother. It was as if she could not find a place for herself, something was very disturbing to her. She was not happy about their arrival, although they saw each other quite rarely, since they could not come often. Soon the father passed away. The mother's condition worsened. She began to have bouts of neurosis. Less and less she pays attention to the relatives present nearby, is silent, staring at one point. Before they had time to bury their father, the mother suddenly committed suicide. Nobody expected such a turn of events. Michael and Louise decide to stay at the house for a while to understand what happened.
Every day they stay on the farm, they feel the presence of something strange and inexplicable, as if something ominous hovers in the air above them. Then it began to manifest itself more clearly. Sometimes the telephone began to ring, from where the mother's voice came, communicating something in a half-whisper. Gradually, they have the feeling that something terrible is infiltrating and taking possession of them.