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The Craft: Legacy

The Craft: Legacy (2020)
The girl is forced to move to her father in a completely different city, he already has a family - a beloved woman and even three sons. But the young lady is ready to put up with this, and did not even arrange scandals. She met the boys, who were her half-brothers, and began to explore the local area. Another important step is to go to school and make friends. But on the first day of school, a disaster happened to her, she does not know how to change the attitude of those around her now. Tear-stained and confused, she was in the women's toilet, and at that moment three girls from her class approached her. They supported the newly minted student and invited her to join their company.
Not understanding what the girlfriends were actually doing, the girl went to visit them. It turned out that they are budding witches. They've been looking for a fourth person for so long, and now they know they've found her. Together, the young ladies begin to study witchcraft, resort to spells, and take revenge on those who offend them at school. But having played with magic, they had no idea what kind of evil they would let out, and now a supernatural creature is trying with the help of their powers to harm others.