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The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

The Christmas Chronicles 2 (2020)
Released: 2020.
Director: Chris Columbus.
A girl named Kate in the past, together with her brother, participated in an incredible mission, saved Christmas with Santa, and helped him find the elves in order to subdue his flying carriage. She was just a child, so she believed in these miracles. But now she has matured, and many things already seem completely different. She completely forgot to think about the existence of the wizard, because he stopped coming to visit her and give her a good wonderful mood for the Christmas holidays. In addition, the young lady has lost many relatives, and believes that miracles never happen again.
The cynicism of a teenager goes off scale when she begins to quarrel with the people around her and prove that Santa Claus no longer runs Christmas. However, this year the wizard still decided to come to her and rush for help. He understands perfectly well that he is to blame for the girl, that he could not save her from past pain, but now he just needs her support. It turns out that a cruel villain named Belsnickel has appeared, who wants to take away the spirit of the holiday from people. He really likes the suffering and constantly dissatisfied faces of others, he will not stop at his achievement. He tries to destroy the mood of the New Year from all Americans.