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The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns (2002), Neko no ongaeshi
Haru is a young girl who rescues a poor cat from under the wheels of a truck. Imagine her surprise when the rescued person thanked her in human language. The cat turns out to be the king of the fabulous kingdom of cats, where each cat can speak a human language. However, she is not at all happy that she saved the cat, since he wants to make her his own wife, for which the girl is completely unprepared. Having refused the king, she does not even know what a serious danger she is calling herself. After some time, she turns out to be kidnapped, after which she has to find herself in a large castle, from which she cannot get out.
However, there are two cats that Haru managed to make friends with. They understand that the king acted completely wrong, and are going to do everything possible to free the girl, returning her to their world. But it turns out to be not so easy to carry out the plan, since Haru is guarded by a large number of soldiers who are ready to do whatever they want to please the king. In the meantime, the girl gradually begins to explore a new world that she begins to like. But she is not going to remain a prisoner, and begins to look for a solution to the problem on her own.