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The Broken Hearts Gallery

The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020)
The main character of the romantic comedy Lucy lives in bustling New York. She is twenty-six years old and works in a prestigious art gallery. Being a very emotional and sensitive girl, Lucy has a slightly strange habit: after each relationship, she leaves a souvenir of them as a souvenir. It can be either a cute little thing or a rather strange object that looks more like trash. The neighbors in the Brooklyn apartment, Amanda and Nadine, have repeatedly tried to persuade their friend to get rid of this trash.
Now Lucy is meeting with a colleague at work Max, on a relationship with whom the girl has high hopes. Everything collapses when, at a corporate party, Lucy goes over alcohol and puts on a drunken show in front of her colleagues. After that, she finds out that she was fired from her favorite job, and Max left her. Devastated by these events, Lucy gets into the car by mistake, where she meets a nice guy-driver Nick. A couple of weeks later, they unexpectedly meet on the street, and Lucy learns that Nick has been working on his own boutique hotel for a long time, but now he has run out of money and the project is frozen. Unemployed Lucy decides to help with the design of the hotel in exchange for an unusual request from the girl: to open a small exhibition of Lucy's memorabilia. This is how the idea of the Broken Hearts Gallerys was born, which completely changes the lives of heroes.