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The Boys: Season 2

The Big Ride

The Boys: Season 2 (2020)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime.
Released: 2020.
Creator: Eric Kripke.
Many have imagined more than once what life might look like, where superheroes exist, and not just one, but in large numbers. It seems that here it is - an island of safety, where grief and injustice are unacceptable. But it may turn out the other way around, because human nature is not always positive in nature. This is exactly what happened in the imperfect universe. Here, supermen not only constantly save the planet, but even more often indulge base weaknesses. They are characterized by a love of alcohol and drugs, aggression and loss of self-control. This is not surprising, because ordinary citizens cannot fight back.
For such incidents on the basis of the CIA created a special unit "Boys". Here people with high moral qualities help the world not to go completely insane. Based on certain tricks and experience, agents can put in place any super imaginable about themselves. The guys are led by Billy Butcher - a brave guy who found a purpose in the fight against arrogant upstarts. Also in the squad appears a newcomer - Hugh Campbell. His girlfriend died due to the fault of supermen. He is overcome with grief and rage, which he decides to channel in the right direction and help the world become a little better.

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