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The Blacklist: Season 8

Roanoke (No. 139)

The Blacklist: Season 8 (2021)
Raymond Reddington has been one of the most wanted and wanted criminals for decades by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He knows many secrets of state importance, because for many years he was the best operative of the FBI.
But unexpectedly for everyone, a dangerous and elusive criminal surrenders to the feds without resistance. During interrogation, Raymond declares that he is ready to testify, thereby helping the investigation with the arrest of dangerous lawbreakers. The only condition is to work with Elizabeth Keen, the newly minted agent of the Federal Bureau. Reddington justifies his choice only by the fact that Keen is "a special and incredibly smart girl." Since the feds have little choice, they are forced to agree. Now the Federal Bureau of Investigation has created a special unit to combat crime, which perfectly fulfills its mission and "cleanses the world." However, all the members of the new department, in addition to the daily struggle with crime, have dozens of new and urgent problems that need to be solved. The husband is an agent of the special service, a world conspiracy, and much more, which they could not even guess about before.

Katarina Rostova (No. 3): Conclusion

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The Russian Knot

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The Protean (No. 36)

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