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The Angry Birds Movie 2

The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019)
A disheveled, emotional and constantly unhappy bird named Red, along with his colorful friends, continues to guard the peace of the bird brotherhood. Green pigs, who invaded their territory and stole eggs without demand, are still their worst enemies, but it is not easy to wage a long war. Now, when the attack of insidious and treacherous aggressors is repelled and the main battle is behind, brave heroes can take up the restoration of their small state after the destruction and enjoy the familiar peaceful life.
But suddenly a new enemy appears on the horizon - the evil and cruel Zeta, for a long time ruling on a remote island among snow-white snow and permafrost. Having learned about a beautiful place where it is never cold, flowers grow and a magnificent harvest ripens, the purple queen wanted to get these lands by any means, having previously completely destroyed all the locals. Caught in a trap, the unfortunate birds are forced to make concessions and conclude a temporary truce with the piglets. However, the confrontation between Red and the pig leader Leonard continues, but now for leadership in the most important special operation to eliminate the Zetas.