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Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator 6 Dark Fate (2019)
The continuation of the sci-fi action movie, whose actions spanned an impressive segment of human history. For many years, the main characters tried to prevent the judgment day, when the machines enslaved the whole of humanity. Artificial intelligence, which was created solely in order to provide man with all kinds of support, has become for us the most important enemy. The attack from the machines was sudden, as a result of which the military did not even have time to come to their senses. And in a matter of days, the whole world turned into ruins, after which all the power went to the killer robots.
The plot focuses on people who miraculously manage to escape death. They are united in a group in order to try to turn the tide of history. They are not going to give up, despite the fact that the forces of machines surpass human ones many times over. Moreover, the movement is led by heroes who stood at the origins of resistance. John Connor's mother again takes up arms in order to put an end to the war between people and machines. On her side are the most staunch allies, among which there is a place for her longtime acquaintance - the reprogrammed terminator who defended her son many years ago.