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Summerland (2020)
The film will show us three different time frames: the 20s, the post-war 40s and the mid-70s. It's such a long love story between Alice Lamb and a girl named Vera. Their romantic story, which began in the 1920s, could not pass the test of strength, and Vera went in the direction of building a traditional family, disappearing from the sight of our heroine. As a result, Alice buys a small house in Kent and begins the life of a recluse, devoting herself to writing a book about the study of British folklore. For local children, it becomes a horror story. Well, still, they are not used to seeing a woman constantly sitting at home and doing something, so for them she becomes a "witch".
Alice tries to resist them, but quickly gives up. Thus, she overlooks the letter that says that a boy named Frank, evacuated from London, which is under the bombing of the Nazis, is about to arrive on bail. Naturally, she takes this news with hostility, but she is persuaded to take him at least for a week, until they figure out what to do with him next. Well, then everything is as usual, her stone heart will begin to slowly melt.