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Spirited Away

Spirited Away, Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (2001)
The little girl Chihiro Ogino, whose parents decide to change the situation and move to a new place of residence, goes to a place with them on a long trip. Getting lost on the way, they come to a strange small village, which has no decree on one map. Parents, despite the protests of the girl decide to go out and look around, in the middle of the city they notice a restaurant in which all the tables are completely covered with various goodies and food. A man and a woman decide to try several dishes, but their hunger from this becomes only stronger, and as a result, they begin to eat more and more, and after a while turn into pigs.
Seeing all this Chihiro tries to escape from this terrible place, but terrible monsters begin to pursue her. It is not clear where the young man who comes from rescues the girl, who explains to her that her parents are now captive to the terrible witch Yubaba. The girl herself also finds herself in her kingdom, and if she forgets her name, she will also become a slave to the evil sorceress. With the help of her new friend, who changed the girl’s appearance, she comes up with a plan to save her parents. The girl gets a job as a cleaner in one of the laundries of the evil sorceress. She decides to find out her secret, and find a way to free her parents. However, the spell of the magical place is very strong, and Chihiro begins to gradually forget his name.