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SpiderMan (2002)
Released: 2002.
Director: Sam Raimi.
Many classmates consider Peter Parker a loser and a bore, no one wants to be friends with him, he is lonely and unhappy. The bite of a mutant spider changed his whole life, because he had incredible abilities. The fingertips release a sticky web, so the guy can now move around the walls and ceiling. Even the tallest skyscrapers obey a schoolboy who is happy to experiment with his body and heightened feelings. Over time, he learns to use his unique abilities for the benefit of mankind and at night turns into a spider-man, the rumor of which is spreading rapidly throughout the city.
A smart and courageous superhero goes to school during the day, and in the dark he is engaged in saving people who are in trouble. The criminals are unhappy with this situation, so very soon a terrible monster appears in the area, it is called the Green Goblin. He declares the hero his blood enemy and begins to threaten the million-strong population of the metropolis. The student has no experience in dealing with such dangerous enemies, but he will have to defend his honor and defend the innocent. The cunning of the enemy has no boundaries, but Spider-Man has his own merits, which have no number.