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Spider-Man: Homecoming

SpiderMan: Home coming (2017)
The grandiose slaughter of New York died down, and the Vulture and his team were awarded a contract to restore order in the city. But Tony Stark again stands in the way of Adrian Toomes, intercepting this mission with the help of his Department of Damage Control. Vulture in rage - it just pushed off the road, broke off the whole business! He persuades his poor fellows to work with Chitauri technology. And create a powerful weapon that can be illegally sold for big money.
8 years later, Stark takes an intern - he wants to make one of the Avengers out of schoolboy Peter Parker. However, after a while it seems to him that he has not yet matured to a new role, and Stark demands to return the Spider-Man suit. “But without him, I’m not him!” - “If it's a costume, then you are not worthy of him” ... But the boy liked being a superhero and fighting evil. He even throws a decathlon school team to lead his secret life. True, the affair with a classmate Liz continues. He passionately wants to get into a real mess - wasn Spider-Man designed to translate old women across the road? Soon, the Vulture will provide the boy with the opportunity to intervene in the events ... "Spider-Man: Homecoming": who will win - a hardened villain or a schoolboy?