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Spider-Man: Far from Home

SpiderMan: Far from Home (2019)
Returning to New York after the tragic events that occurred on the planet Titan, Peter Parker decides to take a break from endless adventures, and together with true friends goes to London. The journey began just fine, the guys walked and had fun, forgetting about the deadly battles and bloody battles, until they ran into a professional magician and excellent hypnotist Quentin Beck, better known under the nickname Misterio.
An illusionist who has the unique ability to play with the human brain is able to create incredible and very realistic illusions, but he considers his favorite weapon to use a special hallucinogenic gas that can knock down any superhero from the trail, not allowing him to see the full picture of what is happening.
The main goal of the villain is to destroy the defenders of mankind, gain power over the world, and now Spider-Man, not having time to relax and gain strength, is forced to fight with a dangerous and cunning enemy. Trying to equalize the chances, he uses another suit, but there is a high probability that the opponent foresaw this step and prepared many unpleasant surprises for him.