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Spider-Man 3

SpiderMan 3 (2007)
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi.
Released: 2007.
Director: Sam Raimi.
It has been several years since Peter Parker turned from an ordinary person into a super hero capable of stopping any villain who could bring chaos or interfere with peace and prosperity in his city. Soon, along with the strength, Peter came to the realization that this was a great gift and should not be wasted. His life is changing for the better. Everyone recognizes that Spider-Man is a hero standing on the protection of the calm of the townspeople, and the guy himself becomes more responsible and decides to even make an offer to his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson.
But not everything is as smooth as it seemed to him his best friend still considers Spider guilty of the death of his father. And on the crime scene a new personality appears Sandman who is the real killer of his friend’s father. And who recently escaped from prison. The culprit whose name is Flint Marko, once in a secret laboratory of scientists and gained the ability to control the sand. But this is not all of Peter's problems; he spoils relations with Mary and she refuses to marry him. And in addition, the mysterious black substance attached to Peter's clothes covers him all over the night. And in the morning he becomes a different person, dressed in a black suit and overwhelmed by the desire to kill everyone who once crossed his path. He cripples several people and beats a Sandman. And after the evening he humiliates his girlfriend. The next day, realizing that something was wrong with him, he goes to church to expel a demon from himself. It turns out that in it sat a mysterious creature flying from outer space and calling itself Venon. This organism, living in the body of carriers, completely suppresses its will and begins to control it. After he manages to get rid of him he will move to his friend reporter Eddie. And after Venom unites with Sandman and they steal Mary. And then make an appointment with Spider-Man to destroy him.