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Spider-Man 2

SpiderMan 2 (2004)
Released: 2004.
Director: Sam Raimi.
The life of a superhero is not as easy and exciting as it seems at first glance. This is well known to Peter Parker who has been living a double life for several years. For all friends, he is a student and a novice reporter, and for New Yorkers, he is Spider-Man saving the city from villains. This rhythm of life knocks him out of his rut, he quarrels with his girlfriend Mary, is constantly late for studies, and he is also kicked out of the pizzeria in which he worked part time.
And one day she declares that she is going to marry another to fix her aunt's financial situation, she is ready to get engaged to a rich man who promises to pay her debts. And on the horizon appears a new villain, someone calling himself Doc Ock. Previously, it was a man named Dr. Otto Octavius ​​as a result of his unsuccessful experiments turned into a monster. He created intelligent tentacles that assisted him in physical experiments with nuclear energy. But as a result of the explosion of the wife who killed him, he becomes one with the tentacles. This changes his psyche beyond recognition and he becomes a villain. And when he decides to rob a bank to finance his experiments, Peter and his girlfriend’s aunt are in it. They enter the fray, and the Spider wins. And Mary, learning about everything that happened, begins to meet with him again.After a while, Peter begins to notice that his superpower is disappearing somewhere, and he decides to leave the fight against crime. But the Octopus that was defeated by the Spider. And who managed to escape decides to take revenge and kidnaps Mary trying to lure the Spider into a trap. Realizing that the girl needs his help and the city needs a hero, he decides to return in order to free his beloved and restore order in the city.