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Spell (2020)
The plot of the film is about the disturbing story of Marquis T. Woods, who many years ago left his father's house and moved to live in a metropolis. He achieved tremendous success and started his own family, but now the moment comes when he needs to return home due to the death of his father. The man wants to pay tribute to having seen his father on his last journey and say goodbye appropriately. To do this, the Marquis rents a plane and sets off with the whole family, but soon they are caught in a storm and wrecked near the Appalachian mountains.
He woke up in the house of the healer Eloise, who is trying to cure him using an ancient voodoo figurine made of leather and blood. The Marquis immediately realizes that he is in the hands of a witch and her cult, where something terrible will soon begin. Now he must outsmart and find a way out of this countryside to save the family from the death ritual during the blood moon.