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Songbird (2020)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Released: 2020.
Director: Adam Mason.
2024 year. People are faced with a rather dangerous virus that forces governments to make drastic decisions. Namely, infected people are sent to special camps. At the same time, one cannot refuse, since the military and the police take people by force, and force them to live far from ordinary civilization. Once in those camps, a person is unlikely to return home, because many try not to get infected, understanding the danger of the disease and the consequences.
The regular courier Nico is not afraid of anything, as he is suddenly immune to the effects of the virus. This is laboratory proven, because the guy can easily move around the city and not be afraid of the military. True, he soon learns that his girlfriend begins to feel bad, and there is a suspicion that she has a virus. When everything is confirmed, the military is already sent for the girl, who must grab her and send her to quarantine camps. Realizing that her beloved will die there, Nico hopes to protect her, and therefore even prepares to confront the military. True, this turns out to be not such an easy task, but for the sake of his beloved, an ordinary courier is ready to go to great lengths and risk his own life.