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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018), starwars
The universe, empire and resistance are well aware of the name of Han Solo and his faithful friend Chewbacca. Both of them, the famous heroes and brave pilots of the forces of the republic, but all this, the top of their career, behind which there is a long life and the time that is hidden from fame. Everyone in his past, started with something small, literally from the bottom. Han Solo was no exception, because he is an ordinary person, born in a cruel world, where only his own strength can save lives. The harsh reality, brought up in Khan, a serious personality of an adventurer and living conditions, forced him to go a certain way.
It just so happened that from his early years, he became a criminal, a thug and a thief. This fishing, allowed to stay afloat and was quite successful, due to his skills of piloting. Khan can proudly call himself, the best pilot of the galaxy and soon, he will have a chance to prove it in practice. He has a special mission, of course illegal, against the very power of the empire, but despite the risk, it promises the best benefits and prospects. Only this business requires a serious ship and it will become the first item on the to-do list. So begins the legend of Han Solo, his friend Chewbacca and their adventures on board the Millennium Falcon.