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Shadow in the Cloud

Shadow in the Cloud (2020)
The height of the Second World War is at the center of events. B-17 bomber called "Flying Fortress" was tasked with escorting a very valuable, and most importantly secret cargo. Captain Maude Garrett, despite his young age, leads the team. But the harsh, who have seen a lot in this life, the military are skeptical about the fact that they are commanded by a woman. But soon they will have to rally into one strong team, as soon as the plane takes off, the real test begins.
The crew has to fight against Japanese fighters, who are trying with all their might to harm them. But inexplicable things also happen on board. Somehow, an ominous monster appears there, from which the team is trying with all its might to protect themselves and all the other crew members. Captain Maude is facing a rather daunting task. After all, you need to somehow protect your wards, as well as preserve and deliver the mysterious cargo intact. Will a young, at first glance, fragile girl be able to gain respect from the team, and most importantly, cope with all the difficulties and obstacles that she will meet in this difficult flight, and will the cargo arrive on time in one piece?