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Servant: Season 2


Servant: Season 2 (2021)
The family of Dorothy and Sean Turners can be called ideal, this couple is just a living embodiment of the real American dream. Sean is a popular chef and his wife is a local TV journalist. They are young, rich and madly in love with each other, life seems to them truly wonderful. And when a long-awaited baby is born to a couple, there is no limit to the Turner's family's happiness. However, it does not last long, after three months their little son dies. The death of the baby becomes a huge tragedy for the couple, with which Dorothy is unable to cope. Her life turns into a continuous nightmare with constant nervous breakdowns and tantrums. Seriously worried about his wife's health, Sean decides, on the advice of a psychologist, to buy a therapeutic doll for her, like two drops of water similar to a real baby.
The doll is so similar to a living baby that Dorothy herself does not notice how she begins to lisp with her. She even gives her a name - Jericho. A woman feeds, swaddles a toy son and behaves with him as with a living baby. Sean looks at all this with a little surprise, but hopes that such a game will help his wife get out of a prolonged depression and return to normal life. He even plays along with his wife and also shows interest in the toy Jericho. However, when Dorothy asks to hire a babysitter for the baby doll, the man realizes that this game has gone too far.
In Season 2, events unfold on the day after the final of the previous season. The main characters in the person of Dorothy, her husband Sean and brother Julian are trying to understand where Leanne has gone and what kind of strange people were walking around their house. But most importantly, they strive to find little Jericho, who disappeared the very moment Leanne left the house. Now, instead of a ruddy baby, there is only a doll in the cradle, which was previously used by Sean for therapy with his beloved wife. As events unfold, the heroes learn more and more unpleasant and scary details about the cult in which their former nanny was brought up.