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School of Rock

School of Rock (2003)
Genre: Comedy, Music.
Released: 2003.
In the past, Dewey Finn was a very famous rocker. Together with his group, he traveled around the country and gave concerts. The man had everything one could dream of: affordable women, drive, youth and huge fees. But life has changed over the years. Many other musical groups appeared on the scene, which made very serious competition for Dewey and his comrades. So now the forgotten main character is dragging out a miserable existence in the house of one of his friends. He struggles with his own depression and constant dark thoughts. In addition, the musician has almost no money left.
One day, the protagonist learns about a well-paid job as a music teacher at a nearby school. He immediately goes to the educational institution to make inquiries. Naturally, the former rocker is not driven by love for children, but by a good salary that can completely correct his difficult financial situation. Fortune smiles at Dewey, and he is hired. This is how the former star becomes an ordinary music teacher. But soon the man notices that he gets incomparable pleasure from his activities. Together with his pupils, the main character decides to prepare for participation in a large festival.