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Sausage Party

Sausage Party (2016)
Products on the shelves of the supermarket have feelings, character traits and ideas about the world order. They are convinced that a better world awaits them outside the store - people choose them to become loyal friends and go on exciting adventures. Each product dreams of being selected, and getting into the basket of another charming housewife with pretty kids.
Among the chosen ones is Frank's sausage and the subject of his affectionate love - Brenda’s bun. Independence Day is approaching, and the lovers are happy with the realization of their uniqueness and the fact that they were chosen together. However, very soon, delight is replaced by horror: it turns out that buyers are treacherous killers who torture and kill their purchases and consume them! The approaching holiday appears in a new light - this is a real festival of torment!
Frank and Branda manage to escape from the house of their tormentor, and now they must save relatives, relatives and friends. A courageous couple returns to the store to tell everyone the shocking truth about life outside his doors. Heroes think out a large-scale escape operation, planning to outwit their tormentors and break free, escaping from imminent death.