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Rust Creek

Rust Creek (2018)
The energetic blonde Sawyer successfully passed the final exams, which allowed her to apply for a good job. Her delightful resume impressed an employer in Washington who wanted to see her immediately for an interview. Filled with great expectations, the main character got behind the wheel of a car and went on a long road. Driving through Kentucky, she got lost on a forest road and was forced to stop to check the map. A pretty girl became interested in two suspicious men who offered her help.
Strangers began to openly pester the young lady and offer to spend the night at their place. Sensing something was wrong, Sawyer hit the first in the groin, and stabbed the second with a knife, but she herself was injured in the leg. Taking advantage of the disorientation of the rapists, she fled to the forest, forgetting the phone in the car. The girl spent a cold night in the wild, and when she made an attempt to go out to the city, she became hopelessly lost. Absolutely exhausted, the main character fell unconscious, and when she woke up, she found herself in an unfamiliar place. An unknown man took her to his house and bandaged a wound on his leg. Sawyer did not know whether to trust him, but she was still too weak to escape.