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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), starwars
Released: 2016.
Director: Gareth Edwards.
The strongest and most dangerous weapon of the Galactic Empire is the "Death Star," capable of destroying any planet in a matter of minutes. This weapon has already shown itself several times and causes great trouble for the Alliance, which continues to fight desperately against the dark forces. Battles for the right to control the Galaxy continue, and the Empire has already managed to inflict several major and very painful defeats on the rebels, which have brought them closer to achieving their goals.
The rebel group, which has not resigned itself to defeat, is going to go on a desperate and utterly insane step - steal the drawings of the first Death Star, which are very well guarded, and getting close to them seems an impossible task. But the heroes are not going to sit idly by, because the success of their operation depends on the fate of hundreds of planets, which may be under the rule of dark forces. Having developed a thorough plan, the rebels are sent to meet the danger. Ahead of them await incredible adventures, large-scale battles and meetings with dangerous enemies. What will end the battle, which can affect the fate of the entire galaxy?