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Ride Like a Girl

Ride Like a Girl (2019)
Since childhood, Michelle dreamed of becoming the owner of the Melbourne Cup. However, many tried to convince the girl that in the equestrian tournament among the champions she did not belong. After going through difficult trials, injuries and tragic losses, the athlete was able to radically change the general idea of ​​horse racing. Indeed, despite the skepticism of the majority, people who sincerely believed in her strength were always next to Michelle.
The plot of the movie Ride Like a Girl is based on the life story of Michelle Payne, who is known to the world as the first woman jockey to receive the Melbourne Cup at the races. The girl was born into a family of professional riders and studied horse riding under the supervision of her father. Michelle is the youngest of her ten brothers and sisters. The first time she took part in races at the age of 15 years.
The image of the famous athlete was embodied on the screen by Teresa Palmer. The actress did not hide the fact that the filming was rather complicated, but incredibly exciting. Teresa had to set an alarm at three in the morning to be on set already at 5 in the morning. Despite the fact that at the age of 12, the actress was engaged in horseback riding, she was faced with colossal preparation for working with horses. The girl spent a lot of time with Michelle Payne herself, and also trained under the guidance of other professional jockeys. The real climax in the preparation was the moment when Teresa had to let go of the reins and ride a horse with her arms outstretched to the sides. To perform this trick, the actress continuously trained for about three weeks.