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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter (2016)
Genre: ActionHorror, Sci-Fi.
Released: 2016.
For a long time, Alice worked at Umbrella Corporation, and conducted various experiments that gave terrifying results. The T-virus has broken free, and every infected person after a short period of time becomes thirsty for zombie flesh. Humanity is systematically disappearing, the planet is empty, and Alice is the only survivor still trying to eliminate the consequences of the disaster. The catch is the betrayal of an influential ally who stripped all superpowers, and now her own life is at stake, but the girl is not going to stop.
Together with the remaining assistants, she should get into an abandoned laboratory - it was from here that once there was a leak, and the antivirus should also be stored here. Heroes are going to find it and distribute it by air in order to destroy the epidemic, however, this is not so simple. A huge army of bloodthirsty corpses is scouring the city, some of which are so strong that there is no chance of defeating them in a fair battle. However, Alice is full of determination - she saw a lot, lost everyone she loved and whom she could trust, and somewhere deep down she still felt guilty about what had happened - because she worked for Umbrella and even helped them, not assuming to what it can lead to.