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Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs

Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs (2019)
Seven rude, narcissistic and smug princes angered the evil sorceress, and she cast a terrible spell on them, turning the handsome men into disgusting, small green gnomes that are afraid of both people and animals. For a long time they suffered and almost resigned themselves to punishment, not knowing how to remove the curse, but unexpectedly the freaks had a chance of salvation. It turns out that magical red shoes belonging to a resident of a distant kingdom can restore their former appearance and forever get rid of the dark spell.
However, it soon becomes clear that magic shoes endow her mistress with an ideal figure and unearthly beauty, and she does not plan to part with her, because in fact the girl is much thicker than she seems. All attempts by courageous guys to get the treasured thing invariably end in failure, one of them even suffered, having received a strong kick, but they are not going to give up. The heroes decide to wait until nightfall, sneak into the bedroom to the beauty and steal what they have come a long way for.
Having fulfilled his plan, friends involuntarily become witnesses of an incredible transformation - dropping shoes, the gorgeous beauty turns into a plain and unsightly fatty.