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Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)
Raya is a brave warrior who grew up in the powerful kingdom of Kumandra. From the very childhood, the girl was preparing for an important mission, she was to become the keeper of the dragon stone. But the future of the main character was clouded with fog, after terrible monsters appeared in the world, who called themselves Druun. They sowed chaos and horror among the people, and inhabited five different continents, if a terrible war broke out between the clans. As a result, the father of the young girl, who was the chief of Bahjong, was killed in the battle.
After his death, they decide to go in search of the last living dragon, and hope that he will be able to defeat all the monsters. The fact is that five hundred years ago, these huge dragons sacrificed themselves to protect people. But the representative was left on our planet, if these forces return again. At the moment, everything has happened, people who were desperate counted only on their help. After Raya left her home, she sets off on an exciting journey with her funny friend Tuk Tuk, who resembles an armadillo. Ahead of the friends were waiting for various funny adventures, meeting new friends, as well as other challenges that required overcoming.