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Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood (2019), Rambo 5, Rambo V
It is not always easy to forget the horrors of war, blood and numerous deaths - it always remains in the memory, penetrates the heart and corrodes the soul. John Rambo tries to start life anew, and selects a small farm located in Arizona as a quiet, safe and fairly secluded place. The former mercenary moves to the ranch and starts breeding horses to fill his day with chores and worries, and escape from the terrible memories that torment his mind. Gradually, a clean and wonderful world opens in front of him, and two neighbors - a sympathetic girl named Gabrielle and her kind elderly grandmother unwittingly help the infantryman release old demons.
But the peaceful cloudless existence unexpectedly ends when the young beauty decides to find her father and unknown bandits kidnap her on the US-Mexican border. The main character immediately goes in search of a girlfriend. In Mexico, a journalist joins him, whose sister also recently disappeared. Soon, partners go on the trail of a criminal syndicate, trading in the sale of women on the black market in sexual slavery. Now the man simply has no choice - he is forced to take up arms again in order to free the unfortunate captives.