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Raised by Wolves (TV Series)

Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves (2020)
Once upon a time, the conflict within humanity, which arose on religious grounds, escalated into the Great War. The earth was destroyed and so that the human race did not finally disappear, a ship with embryos was sent into the depths of space. Several perfect robots were entrusted with finding a new planet, settling down on it and raising children, according to the established program. Years passed, the kids grew up and obeyed Mom and Dad in everything. Together they built their new home, helped each other in difficult times and emerged victorious from dangerous situations. It seemed that humanity managed to take advantage of a second chance, but everything changed when a ship with new colonists landed on the planet.
The guests brought confusion to the hearts of men and women. The already forgotten conflict, the repetition of which the androids were so afraid of, began to gain momentum. People began to ask questions about their origins, priorities and the meaning of life. It became impossible to exist together, and the colonists were divided into two camps. This turn was a real blow to their mentors. Having invested in the guys all their synthetic feelings, the androids did not take into account the most important thing - the human soul. No matter how ideal educators robots are, they cannot replace living parents for children. Now, when the plan to "reset" humanity has practically failed and people have taken up the old again, a new task has been set for android parents, which must be solved by any means.


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