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Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke / Mononoke-hime (1997)
The action of the fascinating anime takes place in Japan, during the Middle Ages.In the village that the ancient Emisi tribe created, a prince named Ashitaka lives. He is a brave and courageous warrior who is ready to the last drop of blood to fight for himself, for his village and for his people. One day, a wild boar attacks his village and threatens to destroy the entire settlement. The brave and courageous Ashitaka decides to enter into a struggle with him in order to protect his people from imminent death. But during the fight, the boar gives Ashitaka his curse. Killing a boar, Ashitaka learns from a village healer that the beast was possessed by a demon who now settled in his body. If Ashitaka does not find the antidote, he will die.
Prince goes on a long journey. On his way, he meets many ill-wishers and enemies, defeats strong and powerful samurai, and seeks advice from wise wanderers. He comes to strange lands called the Irontown. Here he learns that the whole city, led by an evil and treacherous lady Eboshi, is waging an ongoing war with animals, demons and various spirits of the forest located next to their city. Ashitaka also meets the brave and selfless Princess Mononoke, who is trying to protect her people and the Forest Spirit from the self-serving Eboshi.