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Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso (1992)
Marco Pagot constantly risked himself as a professional pilot. He accomplished many feats, but managed to become disillusioned with people. The First World War was a real shock for him. It was clear how petty and cruel creatures lived on the planet. The hero could not imagine that his disdainful attitude towards people would cause a terrible curse. Enchanted, he turned into a strange creature. Marco became a pig, but he remained a man. At first, he almost went crazy, being in this state. He understood that a normal society would not be able to accept such an unusual and extravagant appearance.
I had to hide from the public, so as not to incur trouble. It is impossible to live long in confinement. The hero realizes that it is time to leave his refuge and try to find a use for himself. Overcoming his uncertainty, he becomes a mercenary and calls himself Porco Rosso. In his new position, he begins an active fight against air pirates. Manages to become a real hero. Porco successfully copes with the task and ruthlessly destroys opponents. The people around him still can't see his true appearance.