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Pixie (2020)
The film is set in the western part of Ireland. This is where longtime friends Colin and Fergus live. Friends trade in theft and robbery, but they dream of doing a big deal in order to be able to move away from crime for a long time. Fate gives them a chance when Pixie, the ex-girlfriend of one of the young gangsters, gives them a new lead on a place to cash in well. Arriving at the address, friends are surprised to find the church. Despite this, they go inside the building to pick up the valuables. However, there they immediately encounter a group of mysterious priests, whose manners seem very suspicious to them.
Two of them reassure Colin and Fergus that they have only recently returned from missionary work in Afghanistan. Upon hearing this, the heroes of the movie "Pixie" show doubts that Catholic priests could be in this country. During the conversation, the situation gets out of control, leading to a gunfight. Colin and Fergus manage to escape, taking with them a valuable cargo hidden in a huge bag. After getting a short respite, the gangsters open the bag and discover a huge batch of drugs.