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Pixels (2015)
The film takes place in the modern United States. In the distant 80s of the last century, NASA launched a special message for aliens into Space, which contained all the necessary information about the globe and its inhabitants. Firstly, a greeting was recorded on it in all languages, secondly, various images of people and other living organisms were filmed, and thirdly, computer games and applications were sent, which were most common in those days. Having launched the device into the Universe, scientists assumed that the aliens who found these materials would take this information as a friendly greeting. But everything happened a little differently.
Many years later, the inhabitants of other dimensions received a message from Earth, but took it very aggressively. They, understanding the message as a call to war, decided to attack humanity first and sent a huge army to the Blue Planet. But the troops they sent did not consist of little people with huge heads and black eyes or of nightmarish monsters. After carefully studying the materials sent to them, they gave their soldiers the images of famous heroes of computer games. The problem is that this army is completely made of energy, and it is almost impossible to destroy it.