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Palmer (2021)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2021.
Director: Fisher Stevens.
Eddie Palmer has always been a purposeful and strong boy who showed excellent physical data while still in school. For his own athletic achievements, it was very easy for the guy to get into the school American football team. And although this activity seemed only a simple hobby, the young man was such a talented player that he was considered a real star of the popular sport. The training was slowly coming to an end, it was time to choose a further life path. However, the young man had nothing but how to effectively use brute force in practice.
Incorrectly set priorities pushed the guy on the wrong path in life, and after a short period of time, an adult member of society is sent to jail. The process of serving the sentence cannot be called pleasant, but the former footballer had the strength to withstand the psychological and physical pressure. After returning to a peaceful society, you have to find your own path. Trying to improve life, a person faces the problems of a past life and is forced to become a mentor for a little boy left by his mother. What can a former child prisoner teach, and what example will he set?