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Over the Moon

Over the Moon (2020)
Fei Fei is a tender, vulnerable girl who, at this unique dizzying moment, is undergoing forced boring training at a local public school. The main character is a closed, silent personality who is constantly faced with numerous various life troubles and periodic bullying from other classmates.
A courageous, decisive girl has been living on the territory of the powerful just state of China for a long time in a fairytale period. It becomes known that the cheerful lady also takes a special interest in rocketry and engineering, so she can form and build a real working rocket with her own hands. The fact is that from an early age, a charming victim learned that somewhere in the vast expanses of the only moon of the moon, a lonely goddess named Chang'e lives. The divine being is trying to cope with the terrible unimaginable manifestations of wild loneliness. Now the beauty is ready to go on a fascinating journey to get to know the charming mystical woman better.