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Outside the Wire

Outside the Wire (2021)
The events of the film take us to the distant future. For many years now, people have lived side by side with robots designed specifically to perform difficult and sometimes deadly jobs. Harp is a young and talented drone pilot who sincerely dreams of becoming a professional and protecting his country from all kinds of threats. People around him are sure that one day this guy will definitely gain the glory of a real hero, which all his friends and acquaintances will be proud of.
One day, the leadership decides to send Harp to the war zone, where really terrible things have been happening for several years in a row. Shortly after arriving at the scene, the pilot meets the cyborg Leo, who is in search of a deadly weapon. If this device ends up in the hands of the rebels, then it will be possible to say goodbye to the familiar world once and for all. Having united efforts, the guys start searching together. However, Harp soon begins to realize that his new partner is carefully trying to hide something from him, which leads to the most unpredictable consequences.