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Onward (2020)
Once the world in which Ian and Barley Lightfoot live was truly wonderful: hardworking gnomes looked for gold underground, scary dragons guarded their treasures hidden in caves, and elves roamed the magical forests, enjoying the beauty of nature. But over time, everything has changed, magic has disappeared and no one is surprised that strange creatures, who previously hid from human eyes, quietly coexist with people: goblins are engaged in cutting lawns, unicorns dig in garbage bins for food, and teach fire-breathing little dragons to guard at home instead of dogs.
The elf brothers are not at all satisfied with the boring, bland and monotonous existence in a tiny town, they dream of fun, unforgettable adventures and new acquaintances. Realizing that her boys have grown up, her mother decides to give them the magic staff - the only thing left from their deceased father. The unexpected gift causes a lot of emotions in the brothers: now they are sure that they simply have to go on a long journey, find countries where traces of magic from ancient legends are still preserved, and spend the last day with dad, whom they have missed so much all these years.