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One Fine Day

One Fine Day (1996)
The heroes of the movie met by chance on the pier, where they brought their children. The guys were supposed to go on an excursion on the boat, but were late. Now Jack Taylor and Melanie Parker will have to figure out with whom to leave the children. In the first minutes of communication, irritation from collapsed plans does not contribute to pleasant communication. So that none of them disrupt the important meetings scheduled for this day, they will have to pull themselves together and agree among themselves and find a way out of this situation. They decide to transfer children to each other all day. By the end of the day, not only the children will make friends, but also the parents will feel warm feelings for each other.
They met and met on the marina one fine day when their children were late for a school trip on a ship. Popular journalist Jack Taylor, whose ex-wife left Maggie's daughter for the weekend, and architect Melanie Parker, one raising Sammy's son. The day began with trouble and threatened to turn into a real nightmare. Jack has an important press conference, and Melanie urgently needs to hand over the project. Both have no one to leave their children, and inevitably have to get out and help each other out ...