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Nomadland (2020)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2020.
Director: Chloe Zhao.
Fern has long been accustomed to a measured and calm life. In the morning she went to work at the factory, in the evenings she returned home and spent several hours in the arms of her beloved husband. But life loves to surprise. An economic crisis broke out all over the world, affecting in one way or another every sphere of human activity. Small businesses often could not withstand such a load; news about the closure of firms and enterprises constantly surfaced. The same fate befell the factory where the main character worked. This is how she was left without a job and without the opportunity to apply for a new vacancy in a short time.
During this difficult period, Fern could only rely on her beloved husband, but here too she was disappointed - a few days later he died under tragic circumstances. The woman was left without the slightest means of subsistence, she could not buy food, could not pay the house bills. A few months after these events, Fern was forced to leave forever. Now she had a new life, in which there is no place for sad memories. She joined a small tribe of nomads and tried to let go of the situation, allowing herself to think only of good things.